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Ken Blanchard on the Power of Collaboration

Ken Blanchard on the Power of Collaboration
Today, more than ever, businesses need the best they can get from everyone. Having a few star performers is no longer enough to push ideas and innovation forward. To tackle today's complex problems requires collaboration at all levels. Learn how to improve your organization's performance by improving teamwork.

In this webinar, best-selling business author Ken Blanchard will share his knowledge of the power of collaboration. Drawing from over 30 years experience working together with authors, business leaders, and organizations, see why this master of collaboration believes that any idea gets better when you share it with others.

You'll learn
  • How to encourage people to 'pass the ball,' share ideas and get others involved
  • How a philosophy of 'none of us is as smart as all of us' helps accomplish more
  • The difference between serving and self-serving
  • The importance of lifelong learning
Ken Blanchard has collaborated with 50 different authors to create over 40 best-selling books with combined sales of over 13 million copies. Don't miss this opportunity to learn what collaboration can do for you, your ideas, and your organization. Individually we can only go so far. Learn how 1 + 1 can add up to a lot more than two if you do it right.


  • Dr. Ken Blanchard

    Dr. Ken Blanchard

    Co-Founder, The Ken Blanchard Companies

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