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Launching a Successful Summer School/Credit Recovery Program

Launching a Successful Summer School/Credit Recovery Program
Aventa's online credit recovery curriculum provides schools with a cost-effective, comprehensive and flexible tool to help students pass courses and get the high school credits they need to graduate. Courses are designed for students who did not pass a course initially, but learned enough to make a complete repetition of the course unnecessary. In these courses, students can test out of the material they have already learned and focus on what they need to demonstrate achievement of essential content standards.

This webinar, presented by Spotsylvania County (VA) School District and Chicago Public Schools, in partnership with Aventa Learning by K12, will offer real-world examples of how schools can successfully incorporate online credit recovery courses.

Attendees will take away best practices for implementing a virtual summer school/credit recovery program, including:
  • Program planning and training
  • Student engagement tactics
  • Managing student enrollment and course participation
  • Reporting


  • Gregg Levin

    Gregg Levin

    Vice President, School Solutions, Aventa Learning by K12

  • Robin Gonzales

    Robin Gonzales

    Education Consultant, Former Director of Distance Education, Chicago Public Schools

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