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Leadership Training That Works: Mastering Five Key Design Principles

Leadership Training That Works: Mastering Five Key Design Principles
Adult learners are looking for engaging and effective experiences that provide information and skills needed at the point of impact. Senior executives in today’s organizations are looking to maximize the time and money they put into employee development programs. Training professionals stand at the crossroads and provide a leverage point.

Discover the things that you can do before, during, and after training to engage learners and improve the transfer of skills from the classroom to the work environment. Join Jay Campbell, VP of Product Development at The Ken Blanchard Companies, as he shares the five principles of effective adult learning design and specifically how they can be applied in a corporate setting. Drawing on over 20 years of experience designing engaging learning programs that work, Campbell will share:
  1. How to design a “bold start” that captures learner attention
  2. How to simplify existing content by identifying essential concepts
  3. How to create and evaluate temporary and permanent tools that build skills
  4. How to transfer training from the classroom to the work environment through experiential activities and online follow-up

Learn how to create engaging learning experiences that build new skills in a fast, practical, and effective manner. Don’t miss this opportunity to explore the impact design has on retention and application.


  • Jay Campbell

    Jay Campbell

    VP of Product Development, The Ken Blanchard Companies

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