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Leadership for 2013: Strategies and Best Practices

Leadership for 2013: Strategies and Best Practices
From the executive to the HR professional, finding and developing future leaders is an imperative across organizations of all sizes. Businesses that succeed at succession become market leaders, while laggards consistently lose market share.

Join this event to learn tips from successful companies, and see how practitioners at leading companies use the latest software advancements in integrated succession planning, learning, career development and talent management to find, recruit and grow their leadership pipeline.

This event will discuss:
  • What key companies such as Google seek in future leaders.
  • The relationship between integrated approach and business results.
  • Where to start today - tools that will give you quick successes in 2013.
  • Using analytics to drive your leadership strategy.
  • Advanced succession planning strategies - becoming a market leader.


  • Robert C. Greene

    Robert C. Greene

    Talent Management Strategist, SumTotal Systems

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SumTotal Systems, Inc.

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