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Leading People Through Change: Avoiding 6 Common Mistakes

Leading People Through Change: Avoiding 6 Common Mistakes
In this webinar, Director of Consulting Services Lael Good will take a look at organizational change from the perspective of the people being asked to change.
Using Blanchard’s six-step change model, you’ll learn about some of the common reactions people have when they are asked to change and how leaders inadvertently get it wrong.
  1. Information Concerns: What is the change? Why is it needed?
  2. Personal Concerns: How will the change impact me personally? Will I win or lose?
  3. Implementation Concerns: What do I do first? How do I manage all of the details?
  4. Impact Concerns: Is the effort worth it? Is the change making a difference?
  5. Collaboration Concerns: Who else should be involved? How do we spread the word?
  6. Refinement Concerns: How can we make the change even better?
One of the primary reasons why many change efforts fail is because leaders do not consider change from a recipient's perspective. In any change effort, leaders need to address the concerns that people have when they are asked to change. Unless you take the time to meet individual concerns, you will not be able to generate and maintain the momentum necessary for the change to be successful.

Don't miss this opportunity to explore how leaders can initiate and foster change by addressing the six predictable stages of concern that will arise. You will learn how to reduce resistance, gain buy-in, and create an action plan for successfully leading a change effort within your organization.


  • Lael Good

    Lael Good

    Lael Good, Director of Consulting Services, The Ken Blanchard Companies

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