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Leading Through Learning in Turbulent Times

Leading Through Learning in Turbulent Times
"India's Enron" is what the media dubbed Satyam Computer Services after its founder and CEO resigned, having confessed to a massive accounting scandal that had been percolating for years. The global company and its 53,000 employees were thrown into a whirlwind. Stock markets reeled; trading of Satyam's shares was suspended; and the government stepped in.

This webinar is your opportunity to start preparing for any turbulence - whether caused by the global recession, rapid growth, mergers and acquisitions, internal corruption or any other changes. Throughout this session, we'll present guidelines and proven leadership techniques. These lessons are invaluable; there is much to learn from those who have survived the worst as they guide you toward your own organizational renewal.


  • Priscilla Nelson

    President & CEO, Nelson Cohen Global Consulting

  • Ed Cohen

    Executive Vice President, Nelson Cohen Global Consulting

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