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Leading from Any Chair in the Organization

Leading from Any Chair in the Organization
Leadership is not reserved for the people at the top of an organization. For a team or organization to truly move forward in an aligned and synergistic way, everyone has to be involved and feel that they can contribute in a meaningful way—no matter their role.

In this webinar, Blanchard Senior Consulting Partner Bob Glaser will share three ways you can create a culture where everyone feels a sense of ownership and empowerment and ability to make a difference. 

You’ll learn:
  • The importance of sharing information freely throughout your organization. People without information—or incomplete information—make poor business decisions. People with access to complete information make better decisions and feel more committed to them. Ongoing communication is imperative.
  • How to create alignment and get everyone moving forward in the same direction. Recent research shows that only 14% of people are truly aligned with their organization’s key goals.
  • The role empowerment plays. Drive empowerment as close to the customer as possible. Make sure that reward and recognition practices encourage people to take action. Instill a sense of meaningful work in every employee.
Do your people understand how their role fits in with key business strategies? Is your company encouraging people to seek out and lead from wherever they are positioned in the organization? If not, you’re missing a great opportunity to improve innovation, performance, and passion.  No matter where we sit in the organization, we all have an opportunity to contribute in meaningful ways.


  • Bob Glaser

    Bob Glaser

    Senior Consulting Partner, The Ken Blanchard Companies.

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