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Lean Learning: Deliver Relevant Content When and Where It’s Needed

Lean Learning: Deliver Relevant Content When and Where It’s Needed
Workforce demographics are rapidly changing through increased globalization and a growing number of younger, more mobile and field-based employees. In addition, organizations are under even greater pressure to be more efficient and cost conscious, all while demonstrating increasingly successful outcomes. As a result, learning methods must adapt and become leaner, with increased flexibility and accessibility to meet each individual’s unique work style and schedule. But how to manage and deploy this new type of learning can be challenging, particularly when complex business processes, multiple language requirements and shrinking budgets are involved.

Attend this webinar to learn about new advances in learning related to electronic performance and mobility and how they are helping organizations succeed during this time of rapid change by:
  • Empowering employees with relevant training that fits their work style through role-based learning maps.
  • Enabling mobile and field-based employees with job-specific training at the point of need.
  • Facilitating multiple language requirements with tools that accelerate the translation process.
  • Measuring and demonstrating the success of learning through enhanced reporting capabilities.


  • Cary Samulka

    Cary Samulka

    Product Manager, SAP Global Education, Center of Excellence

  • Lori Williams

    Lori Williams

    Director, Strategy and Transformation, SAP Education North America, SAP Inc.

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