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Leverage Technology for Business Transformation

Leverage Technology for Business Transformation
Featuring leading thinker and author Andrew McAfee, who has written extensively about how companies can use IT to transform themselves.

Will your old tools and technologies enable success in today’s rapidly changing competitive environment?

Now more than ever, the customer is king . . . and in the driver’s seat with access to more data, on more devices, than ever before. As a business leader in this new environment, how will you compete for customers? Retain your base? Grow your business?

Today’s business models are fast becoming obsolete with cloud computing, new security challenges, and consumer demands for access to information with superior experiences. You need an integrated approach to leveraging the technologies that will drive this transformation across a plethora of devices.

Silo solutions and point products will cost your company time and money. But an integrated, end-to-end approach will drive cost efficiencies, and enable the development of scalable processes and new business models to drive innovation and growth.

In this Harvard Business Review video webinar, leading business and IT thinker Andrew McAfee will set out the case for integrated solutions, by explaining the three “forces” that are converging and stand to redefine the business landscape.


  • Andrew McAfee

    Andrew McAfee

    Principal Rsearch Scientist, Center for Digital Business, MIT Sloan School of Management

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