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Leveraging Technology Investments to Turn Around Struggling Schools

Leveraging Technology Investments to Turn Around Struggling Schools
Can technology impact student learning and is it effective to help close achievement gaps? These two questions have been plaguing the education leaders for decades. And, with so many options, what is the right solution?

With the entire country is talking about how to fix education, what are the best strategies for measuring effective programs and how can good schools be replicated. One critical facet of the conversation is how can technology support our efforts for rebuilding schools and can technology help boost student achievement.

For the past two years, Dr. Robert Marzano has been studying the effectiveness interactive classroom technology, specifically interactive whiteboards. The results of this multi-year study are encouraging. When used consistently, by teachers who have received sufficient training, students achievement increases by 16 percentile points.

During this webinar, participants will hear first-hand how three very different types of schools used interactive technology to boost individual student achievement.


  • Mary Kraus

    Program Manager for Technology Services from Lemon, Grove School District

  • Dr. Andrea Thomas-Reynolds

    CEO, Algiers Charter Schools Association

  • Sonny Magaña

    Head of Global Research, Promethean, Inc.

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