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Leveraging the Value of E-mail Marketing During a Recession

Leveraging the Value of E-mail Marketing During a Recession
Even in this economic climate you should be telling your CMO and CFO that more dollars, not less, should be allocated to e-mail marketing. Sound crazy? Given that marketers generally have to fight for their share of the budget, it probably does. But there is a compelling business case for increasing the share of your budget to e-mail marketing programs: What other channel delivers the kind of measurable ROI that e-mail marketing does?
In this complimentary Aquent/AMA webcast, Simms Jenkins, CEO of award-winning e-mail marketing services firm BrightWave Marketing, will help you build your business case and win over C-level executives by outlining the key elements of optimizing any e-mail marketing program. These elements include:
  • Defining (or redefining) the purpose, goals, and benchmarks of your program.
  • Positioning e-mail as a service bureau within your organization.
  • Tracking metrics.
  • Testing concepts, creative, and offers.
  • Learning how to cut costs and deliver exceptional value to subscribers.
About Simms Jenkins: Simms Jenkins is chief executive officer of BrightWave Marketing, an award-winning e-mail marketing services firm specializing in the strategic optimization of e-mail marketing programs. Jenkins is regarded as one of the leading experts in the e-mail marketing industry and has extensive relationships and interactive marketing experience on both the client and agency sides. Jenkins has led BrightWave Marketing in establishing a large and diverse client list, including top-tier brands like ACS, BellSouth, California Casualty, CoreNet Global, Lowe's, Sports Illustrated, and Ted's Montana Grill, as well as leading advertising and marketing firms.
Jenkins, with his column for iMedia Connection, a leading interactive marketing and media publication, has been called one of the top 21 information sources for e-mail marketers. He has an upcoming book called "The Truth About Email Marketing," scheduled for publication on August 1 by Pearson Education, one of the world's largest publishing houses. The book's companion Web site is www.TheTruthAboutEmailMarketing.com


  • Simms Jenkins

    Chief Executive Officer of BrightWave Marketing

  • Anna Carbonara

    Moderator, American Marketing Association

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