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Linking Brand and Customer Experience Research

Linking Brand and Customer Experience Research
A new, integrated research method for better understanding how customers make choices

Whether you have loyal customers depends on how you market your brand and on the experiences customers have with your brand. And yet, many organizations look at these two factors independently, through brand research and through customer satisfaction research.

Join Keith Chrzan, Vice President, Marketing Sciences for Maritz Research, as he unveils a new research methodology that places customer experience and brand metrics on equal footing, ultimately allowing managers to grasp the connection between the two measurements.

The new method avoids the problem of missing data that can plague efforts to force-fit customer experience measures into brand studies, and nullifies the fact that customer-based samples typical in customer experience research inherently ignore customer acquisition. What results is an integrated research platform that can de-silo brand and customer experience efforts. The new approach places brand and customer experience metrics in perspective, allowing management to make evidence-based resource allocation decisions. Results from three case studies illustrate the method and its insights.

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This Webcast will:

  • Explain the relative impacts of brand and experience in the decision making process
  • Demonstrate a new research method that places brand and experience research on equal footing
  • Provide a better understanding of how brand research and experience can be linked to provide better insight
  • Use case studies to illustrate the linkage of brand and experience research


  • Anna Carbonara

    American Marketing Association

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