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Managing People’s Energy: The Power of Alignment

Managing People’s Energy: The Power of Alignment
Leadership is about managing energy. In this webinar, Scott Blanchard, Executive Vice President of The Ken Blanchard Companies, will show you how to keep your employees' energy focused and productive-even during uncertain economic times.

You'll learn how to start the process by acknowledging the current situation, defining a direction for your company, and aligning people with a strategic direction in a way that keeps your company moving forward.

Using an innovative impact mapping system, you'll also learn how to:
  • Identify key objectives
  • Cascade those objectives down to the department, team, and individual levels
  • Deploy your people effectively
Don't miss this opportunity to learn a proven method for engaging people in a common purpose and helping everyone to see how they contribute to the overall goals of the company. The result is a strong, aligned organization that can move quickly, boldly, and successfully through any financial turmoil that may lie ahead.


  • Scott Blanchard

    Scott Blanchard

    Principal and EVP, The Ken Blanchard Companies

  • David Witt

    David Witt

    Program Director, The Ken Blanchard Companies

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