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Managing in a Virtual Environment

Managing in a Virtual Environment
For many managers, working effectively with remote employees means learning a whole new style of management. Management techniques that worked well in a face-to-face setting usually need some adapting for the new virtual workplace.
In this WebEx and Ken Blanchard Companies webinar, Blanchard Director of Learning Services Jamie Grettum will share practical information and tools to help managers bridge the communication gaps created by geographical separation and get peak performance from employees they rarely see face-to-face.

Using a combination of situational based leadership techniques combined with an innovative use of email, teleconferencing, and internet conferencing tools, Jamie will show you strategies and practices that will help you manage across the gap and provide the direction and support that people need to succeed in today's virtual environment.

You'll learn how to:
  • Build rapport with direct reports that stands the test of distance
  • Adapt your skills to lead in virtual and remote situations
  • Use the right technologies to effectively support your people

Global business demands, new technologies, and the desire for a more flexible work environment have made virtual work relationships a fact of life in many industries. Don't miss this opportunity to learn how to master the people and technical skills needed to manage from a distance.


  • Jamie Grettum

    Director of Learning Services, The Ken Blanchard Companies

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