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Mar-Com with a Return on Human Capital

Mar-Com with a Return on Human Capital
Habitat for Humanity International Webcast
Executive Summary:
Would you like to hear how to have a great return on human capital?
This one-hour Web cast will cover how Habitat for Humanity:
  • Invests in the homes and lives of millions of people in over 90 countries.
  • Maximizes the productivity of their own employees and 2000 affiliate organizations to communicate with audiences around the world.

  • Description:

    Approximately 1.6 billion people in the world live in substandard housing. There is one organization whose mission is to eliminate this problem from the world – that organization is Habitat for Humanity:

    Every 21 minutes, they build a new home for someone.Every day 71 new families receive decent housing.

    An accomplishment such as this takes a huge investment of money and time.

    Habitat for Humanity has built more than 250,000 houses and sheltered more than 1 million people in 3,000 communities around the world. Over 2,000 local affiliate organizations come together almost 50,000 times a year to build houses which help eliminate poverty housing and homelessness from the world. The communications work required to support this mission is tremendous.
    This world-class, international, nonprofit organization motivates a massive amount of volunteers and capital to make an impact on people's lives. A key part of the organization is the team whose job is to 'get the message out.'

    • Habitat for Humanity International's Communications Support Services group goes to work every day with the goal of driving donations, finding volunteers and supporting over 2000 affiliates.
    • The Communications Support Services group managed over 3000 projects in fiscal 2007 – these efforts were spread across 90+ countries.


  • Marla Chupack

    Moderator, American Marketing Association

  • Brinda Moody

    Communications Support Service, Habitat for Humanity International

  • Adam Bloom

    Director of Product Marketing and Sales, MarketingCentral (a division of Unica)

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