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Maximizing the ROI of Your Training Investments

Maximizing the ROI of Your Training Investments
You've made the commitment to send all of your employees through training. Now, what's the best way to deliver the training? Should you opt for a traditional classroom approach that takes people away from their desks for two days? A self-directed web-based approach that allows participants to learn at their own pace? Or perhaps a blended solution that combines elements of both?
In this webinar, Dr. Paul Leone of American Express will share the results of a three year study with more than 2,000 managers and directors that evaluated the impact of a core leadership training program. The research specifically evaluated and compared the effectiveness of classroom, web-based, and blended delivery options to find out which delivery mode generated the best results at the lowest cost.

In addition, Dr. Leone will share some other findings that came out of the study that shows which pre and post training activities predicted the greatest overall impact. You'll learn what training and management practices made the same Situational Leadership® II training program extremely effective for some groups at American Express, while others experienced a much smaller behavior change and business impact.

Today, more than ever, organizations need training that culminates in tangible results. In this webinar you'll learn how to generate those results by identifying the best delivery mode and training practices to use in your next initiative. Don't miss this opportunity to start maximizing the ROI of your training investments.


  • Dr. Paul Leone

    Manager of Assessment and Evaluation, American Express

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