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Measuring Strategic, Visible and Costly Learning Programs

Measuring Strategic, Visible and Costly Learning Programs
This presentation will share why measuring critical programs like leadership development, sales training and on-boarding are vital to program managers.

The session will then go through the major elements of a measurement plan to successfully and comprehensively generate quantitative and qualitative metrics in a timely and practical manner with limited resources.

Examples of tools such as a key performance indicator matrix, a communication plan, sample smart sheet evaluations and sample reports, including dashboards, will be shared.

Learning objectives:
  1. Review the importance of measuring strategic, visible and costly programs.
  2. Discuss the measurement plan to gather timely, credible data.
  3. Showcase sample reports, statements, dashboards and scorecards.


  • Jeffrey Berk

    Jeffrey Berk

    Chief Operating Officer , KnowledgeAdvisors

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Knowledge Advisors

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