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Meeting Mt. Everest: Live from the Climb

Meeting Mt. Everest: Live from the Climb
Well done! Brian successfully reached Mt Everest's summit this weekend!
We'll share more info once he gets back down and we can communicate with him.

Mt Everest climber shares insights from Base Camp via WebEx!

Cisco engineer Brian Dickinson is on Mt Everest, preparing to embark on his epic final ascent to 29,035 feet. Be a part of the climb by viewing this revealing, grueling physical and emotional voyage. Brian discusses the challenges and preparations from base camp at 17,500 feet.

In this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, Brian addresses:
• what's going through his mind days before his final ascent
• the connection between this climb and his goal to help people
• his experiences with the first three climbs

Brian will describe the experience to date, share pictures from his journey, and even appear in live video about half way into the presentation. (Internet bandwidth on Mt Everest has been very poor recently.) He'll also share first-hand accounts of other climbers' experiences and prepare you for the trek to the top of the world.

About Brian
Brian grew up in Southern Oregon and has always been enthralled with the outdoors and extreme sports. He was a helicopter rescue swimmer in the Navy for six years stationed in San Diego where he met his wife, JoAnna. They have two children, Emily and Jordan.

Brian has conquered three summits: Mt McKinley in May 2009, Mt Kilimanjaro in February 2010 and Mt Elbrus in July 2010. Mt Everest is probably the most risky climb.

In his spare time, Brian runs an outreach program called Extreme Adventures, teaching confidence and leadership through rappelling, hiking and biking.

You can keep track of Brian's progress via his blog on climbing.com.


  • Brian Dickinson

    Brian Dickinson

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