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Mobile Learning: The Future Is Now

Mobile Learning: The Future Is Now
Think mobile learning is all hype? Think again. By 2013, mobile workers will total 1.2 billion, or 35 percent of the workforce worldwide, according to IDC. Your ability to reach a mobile workforce will be an imperative, and you will need to do so quickly and cost-effectively.

View this interactive webinar and discover how companies today are improving their productivity by creating and delivering just-in-time content via mobile devices. Brian Taliesin, principal consultant with Intrepid Learning Solutions, will present real-world mobile learning use cases and talk about how you can deliver vital sales support info, educational content and decision-making tools to your mobile workforce. Taliesin will demonstrate the power of anytime, anywhere mobile learning using IntrepidMobile, a solution that combines a high-performance technology platform with best practices in learning strategy, design and delivery.

You will learn:
  • How and why to integrate the use of mobile devices into your formal training programs.
  • How to optimize content for mobile delivery.
  • How to build the business case for deploying your mobile learning initiative.
  • What performance metrics you should measure to justify the move from pilot to full production.


  • Brian Taliesin

    Brian Taliesin

    Principal Consultant, Intrepid Learning Solutions

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Intrepid Learning Solution

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