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On-Boarding: Your Passport to Employee Retention

On-Boarding: Your Passport to Employee Retention
Bringing new employees into an organization is more than making sure the appropriate paperwork is completed and new workers attend an orientation session. This webinar will address:
  • The importance of a consistent on-boarding experience that extends well beyond the first week of employment.
  • Why an on-boarding approach today should be different from past programs.
  • The strong tie between successful on-boarding and employee retention.
  • The relationship between on-boarding and employee productivity and retention.
  • How an on-boarding program benefits from the use of technology.
This session will include case studies from organizations that have seen measurable results in retention, productivity and acculturation as a result of addressing new-hire needs as a component of their human capital management approach to new talent.


  • Claire Schooley

    Senior Analyst, Forrester Research

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