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Optimizing Your Succession Plan

Optimizing Your Succession Plan
There's no doubt about it. HR and senior leaders in most organizations have spent some time considering the ideal succession program. Executed well, succession planning can help your organization respond effectively to change, recruit and retain the best talent, and support organizational growth.

But you'll notice some big differences in companies that value and execute a best-practices succession planning program vs. those that do not. Here are just a few of the elements that successful programs share in common:
  • Competency models are effectively used to measure the performance standards for each position.
  • Promotion readiness is measured effectively because each position has clear standards in place.
  • Competency models are effectively used to measure the performance standards and promotion readiness.

Want to see how your organization compares to best practice? Join us for this webcast with Dr. William Rothwell, prolific author and expert in succession planning.

  • Rothwell will differentiate between replacement planning and true succession planning.
  • Rothwell will walk you through a “STAR” model that outlines the four key elements of a best practice-based succession program.
  • Sean Conrad of Halogen Software will provide an overview of how talent management technology can support the best practices outlined in Rothwell’s leading model.


  • Dr. William J. Rothwell

    Dr. William J. Rothwell

    President, Rothwell & Associates Inc.

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