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PGA TOUR Email Case Study

PGA TOUR Email Case Study
The Direct Marketing Summit is a free must-attend online event for qualified leaders in the direct marketing community. The in-depth perception will guide you toward success using the most comprehensive marketing techniques. The interaction between top marketers around the globe is guaranteed to surpass the insight learned at any industry event.

Live, online sessions are presented by industry experts and will present opportunities and best practices for you to implement into your marketing mix. Walk away with a complete new outlook on how you can push your marketing efforts to the next level in 2012.

The Direct Marketing Summit will present fresh ideas on how to seize opportunities in:

  • Email Marketing
  • Emerging Media
  • Campaign Analysis
  • Multichannel Marketing

PGA TOUR Email Case Study

Kristie Reeves
Project Manager of New Media


  • Kristie Reeves

    Kristie Reeves

    Project Manager of New Media, PGA TOUR

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