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People Management 101: Providing direction and support

People Management 101: Providing direction and support
Direction and support are two managerial basics that are rarely done well in organizations. Part of the problem is that managers already believe that they are providing both in ample amounts.

Ask employees though, and you’ll hear a different story. Most people will tell you that their manager leaves it up to them to figure out the work on their own. When they do hear from a manager it’s usually because something’s gone wrong. That’s an inefficient and disheartening way to approach work.

In this webinar, senior consulting partner Ann Phillips of The Ken Blanchard Companies will share the key directive and supportive managerial behaviors that help people succeed. You’ll learn:
  • How to diagnose your default leadership style
  • The two most important directive and supportive behaviors managers need to master
  • Common obstacles and limiting beliefs
  • How to set goals and listen more effectively in a way that brings out the best in other

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn the specific managerial behaviors and actions that you and your leaders can put into practice right away.


  • Ann Phillips

    Ann Phillips

    Senior Consulting Partner, The Ken Blanchard Companies

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