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Personality: The Missing Component in Safety

Personality: The Missing Component in Safety
Time-honored safety programs focus on methods that involve safety equipment training and standard protocol to deal with workplace hazards. Businesses spend $170 billion a year on workplace injuries and illnesses, but safety programs have been shown to reduce those costs by 20 to 40 percent. Because accidents and injuries continue to occur despite safety training, individual personality is being evaluated as a crucial part of workplace safety. As organizations begin to consider the habits of individual employees, traditional safety methods should not be pushed to the side; rather, they should be complemented by a program that increases employee engagement through strategic self-awareness.

This webinar, sponsored by Hogan Assessment Systems, provides an alternate look at the missing component of most traditional safety programs - individual personality. It will lay a foundation for the current paradigm in safety training, identify the gaps and propose an alternative perspective regarding the role individuals play in practicing safe behaviors. Furthermore, it will provide a scientific link between safety-related behaviors and innate personality characteristics. Finally, it will explore how a company can create a culture of awareness and acceptance on an organizational, managerial and employee level.


  • Bill Durstock

    Director of Risk Management, Dayton Freight Lines

  • Denise Noel

    Director of Quality, COR, Dayton Freight Lines

  • Christopher J. Duffy

    Director of Business Development, Hogan Assessment Systems

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