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Positioning Hiring and Recruiting for Economic Recovery

Positioning Hiring and Recruiting for Economic Recovery
What steps has your organization taken to improve hiring and recruiting readiness as the economy recovers? All too often, companies source talent externally before understanding their current talent bench strength and inventory. Integrated analytics are lacking to effectively judge quality of hire, and high performers are disengaged due to the lack of a systematic talent mobility strategy. Successful talent acquisition strategies entail moving beyond current silos and taking a more holistic approach to managing your current and future talent needs. Join us to learn what steps you can take to ensure your talent acquisition efforts are aligned with the future growth opportunities that economic recovery inevitably brings.


  • Stephan Millard

    Stephan Millard

    Senior HCM Strategist, SumTotal Systems

  • Steven Toole

    Vice President, Employer Marketing Jobfox

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