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Profiles in Doing Both: A Lesson from Borders

Profiles in Doing Both: A Lesson from Borders
Been to a Borders bookstore lately? If not, you better hurry. As part of its Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing, the book and magazine retailer will close more than 200 superstores nationwide.

Borders, like other struggling retailers, seems optimized for a bygone era. But its nemesis in bricks-and-mortar book sales, Barnes & Noble, is competitively positioned. Given that both sell the same books from the same publishers in similar retail environments, you might wonder why Borders is bleeding cash while Barnes & Noble is holding its own.

The answer? Borders failed to embrace multiple business models.

View this free WebEx. Bestselling author and Cisco executive Inder Sidhu discusses how doing both—developing a new business model that will carry you in the future while simultaneously optimizing the existing business model that keeps your business aloft today—can help you avoid the situation that Borders finds itself in today.

Read Inder's blog post, Limit Your Options, Limit Your Horizons: A Lesson from Borders’ Bankruptcy, at Forbes.com.


  • Inder Sidhu - Senior VP at Cisco

    Inder Sidhu - Senior VP at Cisco

    Author of "Doing Both"

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