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Putting the "e" in learning for the "i"-Generation

Putting the "e" in learning for the "i"-Generation
Today's high-tech, high-touch teens are a whole new breed of students who've been wired, WiFi'ed, mobile, virtually augmented and i-computed like no other generation before them. As their world of customization, instant gratification and immediate feedback collides with overflowing classrooms and traditional stand-and-deliver learning, how can we rewire our educational approach to re-engage the iGeneration?

Hear firsthand what middle and high school students are saying about their current educational experience, why online learning is effective for students today and how the relationship between teachers and students change with the addition of an online program.

In this WebEx, attendees will learn:
  • How online learning can address the needs of the iGeneration and enable individualized learning
  • How to determine if an online learning program is right for your school
  • How schools are effectively integrating online learning into their educational environments

Aventa Learning Chief Academic Officer Cathy Mincberg will also share insights and case studies that reflect how online learning has met schools/school districts' and students' education goals, enabled previously struggling learners to graduate on time and helped online students progress to the next level at a faster pace.


Do not miss this exciting WebEx, as well as the chance to ask questions directly to the panelists.


Educator Series: Tech in Education

Learn how improve your success using technology in education by watching the following WebEx recordings. Find out how to better reach the i-Generation, improve cost effectiveness, deliver engaging multimedia content, understand what students are thinking and better meet the needs of today's youth.


  • Dr. Cathy Mincberg

    VP and Chief Academic Officer, Aventa Learning

  • Gregg Levin

    Vice President, Aventa Learning

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Aventa Learning

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