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Retain Talent and Increase Employee Satisfaction

Retain Talent and Increase Employee Satisfaction
Leverage the Latest Cloud-based HR Technology to Drive Engagement 

With faster deployment times and lower risk meeting business needs, Cloud-based human capital management (HCM) is the new growing trend as more companies are adopting cloud-based solutions. Ventana Research finds that more than a quarter of companies are now adopting Cloud computing in direct response to overcome the pressures of retaining talent and increasing employee satisfaction.

Join this webinar to learn the business benefits cloud computing can bring to your organization, and the formula for success with HCM in the cloud. The speakers will give three perspectives on key elements of succeeding and best practices across industries:
  • Mark Smith, Ventana Research president and chief research officer, outlines benefits and adoption of HCM in the cloud from Ventana's research study as well as how companies should prepare for cloud computing in HCM.
  • Spencer Hyde, SkyWest Airlines director of multimedia and business development, will discuss benefits cloud computing has brought to his business and key points to successfully prepare for bringing cloud to your business.
  • Hardeep Gulati, SumTotal Systems executive vice president of products and customer support, discusses how cloud strategic HCM can drive business value for your company across different HR processes like learning, talent, workforce management and payroll.


  • Hardeep Gulati

    Hardeep Gulati

    Executive Vice President, Products and Customer Support, Sum Total Systems

  • Mark Smith

    Mark Smith

    President and Chief Research Officer, Ventana Research

  • Spencer Hyde

    Spencer Hyde

    Director, Multimedia and Business Development, Sky West Airlines

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SumTotal Systems, Inc.

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