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SaaS-based EIM in your organization

SaaS-based EIM in your organization
Learn why industry experts recommend Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offerings like Cisco WebEx solutions for critical collaboration technologies like Enterprise Instant Messaging (EIM).

Empower the entire organization to communicate any time-both inside and outside the enterprise-without compromising performance or security. Cisco WebEx Connect makes truly effective EIM a reality by enabling you to:
  • Collaborate securely with colleagues anywhere- even between different IM systems.
  • Facilitate faster decision making and reduce communication delays.
  • Enhance productivity with presence awareness.
  • Get up-and-running fast with no hardware or software to buy, install, or service.
Dont miss this opportunity to learn more about the business benefits of SaaS-based EIM.


  • Greg Wright

    Collaboration Product Specialist, Cisco WebEx

  • Janelle Johnson

    Cisco WebEx

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