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Scorecards, Learning Metrics and Measurement Strategies

Scorecards, Learning Metrics and Measurement Strategies
Leaders require an effective strategy to measure learning content impact and organizational effectiveness. As a leading training business process outsourcing provider, General Physics Corporation (GP) is frequently asked to implement strategies for measuring the organizational effectiveness of learning and development. Microsoft Corporation is an industry leader in establishing scorecards and tracking enterprise learning strategies and metrics that demonstrate the value of its training readiness efforts to drive business results.

Our expert speakers, Dennis Bonilla and Andrew Snoey, will present practical industry information on how to effectively and efficiently implement a learning measurement strategy.

In this one-hour webinar, we will:
  • Provide criteria for developing effective measurement and scorecard processes.
  • Discuss the evolution of learning measurement and scorecards.
  • Address aligning training measures with business measures.
  • Present methods for measuring learning organizational effectiveness.
  • Share case examples of Microsoft’s learning measurement strategies and scorecards.


  • Dennis Bonilla

    Dennis Bonilla

    Senior Vice President, GP’s Learning Solutions Group

  • Andrew Snoey

    Andrew Snoey

    Senior Program Manager, Operations Microsoft Corporation

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