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Skills Management: Lessons Learned From the Real World

Skills Management: Lessons Learned From the Real World
Staying in business today depends on making the most of what you have. Only by understanding the skills and competencies of your biggest expense and asset - your people - can you effectively deploy them to make your organization succeed in the modern economy. An effective skills strategy, however, is dependent on the organization having a clear picture of the skills it has today, the skills it needs tomorrow and how to develop those skills, which can only be accomplished by an effective skills management program.

This webinar will discuss the pivotal role that skills management technology has to play in helping organizations better utilize their employees, optimize learning and development budgets, meet regulatory compliance requirements, recruit more effectively and increase employee retention. Andy Andrews, general manager of Salary.com Europe, will provide insight on the key factors and practical suggestions that contribute to a successful skills management implementation.

Attend this session to learn:

  • The practical application of skills management.
  • The business benefits of skills management.
  • The role of technology in a successful skills management implementation.
  • Key factors that contribute to successful skills management implementation.


  • Gordon Ritchie

    Senior Solutions Consultant, Salary.com

  • Andy Andrews

    General Manager, Salary.com Europe

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