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Social Learning — Mining the Untapped Knowledge

Social Learning — Mining the Untapped Knowledge
Businesses need to adapt quickly to be competitive, and social learning is one of the most effective tools to help. With employees and partners geographically dispersed and constantly on the go, how can you mine the untapped knowledge and best practices in the heads of your audience to benefit the entire organization?

Join this webinar to learn how mobile and social learning technologies can be game-changing tools that will make your learning programs more successful. This session will highlight cases across a range of industries.

In this webinar, you will:
  • Learn how mobile and social learning can help sales be more successful.
  • Identify how social learning technologies can expand your reach and effectiveness.
  • See how supplementing formal learning programs with informal learning can increase engagement.
  • Experience the impact social learning has on your workforce’s ability to consume, process and use information.


  • Bill Docherty

    Bill Docherty

    Senior Director of Product Management, SumTotal Systems

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SumTotal Systems, Inc.

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