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Social Learning: Unlocking Your Organization's Inner Genius

Social Learning: Unlocking Your Organization's Inner Genius
A shift is taking place in how people discover and share information, transforming one-to-many monologues into many-to-many dialogues. This democratization of information changes people from content consumers into publishers. What can learning professionals do to capitalize on this and increase the effectiveness of their learning programs? How can they ensure that social media is used to create business value?

One approach is to build this collaborative capability on top of trusted, expert information and learning content. In this way, an organization can encourage the development of a unique layer of organization-specific knowledge that enhances the value of existing learning programs and fosters serious social learning contributions to the organization's knowledge base.

This session will discuss recent trends in social learning and offer ideas for leveraging social learning technologies. Attendees also will find out how SkillSoft is approaching the emerging area of social learning and discover more about inGenius, SkillSoft's social learning layer.


  • Pam Boiros

    Vice President, Product Management , Books24x7

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