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Start the New Year Right — Focus Learning Through Competencies in 2013

Start the New Year Right — Focus Learning Through Competencies in 2013
Competencies have been a part of the learning discussion for some time. And, depending on where they are in the cycle of opinion about their value, can trend higher or lower. Recently, some have stated that competencies are no longer welcome in the workplace, or have little value alongside an individual’s business goals. Esoterically speaking, there may be some truth to this. We are not, however, talking about old core values, nor are we trying to define what makes an employable corporate citizen. Rather, we are talking about what aligns a job function/family or what is a specific differentiator for level or role.

Job-specific, task-oriented competencies, associated with tools employees can use and relate to, make a significant positive difference in:
  • Best practices sharing.
  • Capturing institutional memory.
  • Providing consistent communication.
  • Setting clear expectations for hiring, performance, career engagement and development.
  • Providing clear skills management and mitigation for workforce planning.
  • Enabling flexibility in assignments and roles while accelerating capability to learn and deliver.
In this webinar, you will:
  • Hear case studies and research validating the justification for a learning strategy.
  • Learn some of the ways to relate business outcomes from learning.
  • Understand how the Kenexa Job Competency Library can make learning not just on the job, but targeted at the job.


  • Gordon Ritchie

    Gordon Ritchie

    Director, Competency Solutions, Kenexa, an IBM Company

  • Dawn Jaglowski

    Dawn Jaglowski

    Product Manager, Kenexa

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