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Sustaining Top Talent Through Positive Culture and Leadership

Sustaining Top Talent Through Positive Culture and Leadership
Dr. Linda Sharkey, Ph.D., former vice president of GE and HP and distinguished fellow at the Global Leadership Development Center (Marshall Goldsmith School of Business), will share her experiences with and insights on quantifying culture and leadership. Working with executives at GE Crotonville, Sharkey has confirmed that employee engagement, the success of training initiatives, and effective strategy implementation largely depend on having the right type of leadership and culture in place. Using data collected with the validated Organizational Culture Inventory, Sharkey will present easy-to-digest, graphic illustrations to show how the invisible forces of culture truly impact performance. She will highlight what you can do to get everyone moving in the right direction supporting your organization's values, vision and mission.

Research findings on thousands of organizations show that positive leadership strategies promote and reinforce constructive cultures. Constructive cultures in turn have been proven to enhance innovation and ensure sustainability. Sharkey will share with you the knowledge essential to managing the critical forces that are leadership and culture. Learn how to quantify and develop these critical factors in a way that is aligned with your business goals and statistically proven to drive effectiveness.


  • Linda Sharkey

    Executive Director Executive Networks

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Human Synergistics International

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