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Taking Your Leaders From Buy-In to Bottom Line

Taking Your Leaders From Buy-In to Bottom Line
Are your senior leaders leading the charge to realizing a bottom-line payoff from diversity and inclusion? We are all aware of the need for top management “buy-in” for D&I. But turning head nods into consistent, visible and impactful actions by senior leaders is often a much greater challenge.

This session will explore the missing links between verbal endorsement and active role modeling and ownership for D&I accountability. It will present ways to increase the likelihood that senior managers will make inclusive, culturally competent behaviors part of their leadership style and a “diversity lens” part of their business decision-making.

We’ll suggest approaches to increase hands-on participation in strategy development, in-depth dialogue with diverse constituencies and expectation setting for their own subordinates. Potential measures of progress for this aspect of D&I change will also be discussed.

What Participants Will Learn:
  • What senior leader behaviors have the greatest impact on D&I progress.
  • How to more fully engage leaders in creating and implementing D&I strategy and in role modeling of inclusive behaviors.
  • What cultural competence is and why it’s important for leaders.
  • Approaches to measuring progress in increasing top management’s D&I leadership.


  • Mary L. Martinéz

    Mary L. Martinéz

    Director, Diversity & Inclusion Practice, APTMetrics Inc.

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