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Talent Management Practices That Work

Talent Management Practices That Work
Effectively managing talent is a challenge faced by every company, regardless of industry, size or profitability. Unfortunately, there is little agreement about what talent management is, who is responsible for it and what processes or activities are included in it.

At the same time, there are companies that have figured this out and made talent management integral to their success. Talent Management: Strategies for Success From Six Leading Companies explores the current talent management landscape to uncover the practices and processes that lead to the creation of effective talent management programs.

Join us for this complimentary webinar as Larry Israelite, editor of Talent Management: Strategies for Success From Six Leading Companies and vice president of human resource development at Liberty Mutual Group, presents a summary of work done by highly successful, talent-driven organizations in support of their talent management programs.

During this webinar, Israelite will:
  • Establish a common framework for defining talent management activities in your organization.
  • Describe the four conditions necessary for implementing effective talent management practices.
  • Present a four-step process for successfully identifying, selling and implementing a talent management initiative in your organization.


  • Larry Israelite, Ph.D.

    Vice President and Manager, Human Resource Development, Liberty Mutual

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