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Ten Secrets to Engage Your Virtual Audience

Ten Secrets to Engage Your Virtual Audience
Are your webinars or other virtual events going unnoticed and just not giving you the results you know they should?
Find out the secrets to create effective customer engagements and conversational interaction by utilizing the hidden opportunities within virtual environments.
  • Get your target audience to want to register for your events
  • Find out how to get your registrants to attend your event
  • Connect with your audience before and after to build maximum value
  • Understand and apply best practices to check your audience's interest so you can target and customize your message right as it is happening
Let Cisco Webex show you how to create and execute compelling web events!


  • Eric Vidal

    Global Consultant, eMarketing

  • Jim Recker

    Global Consultant, Collaboration

  • Faith Legendre

    Faith Legendre

    Senior Consultant, Cisco

  • John Maniscalco

    Global Marketing Consultant</br>

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