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The 80/20 Rule for Effective Learning Transfer

The 80/20 Rule for Effective Learning Transfer
This webcast is a preview to the December Chief Learning Officer magazine article, “The 80/20 Rule for Learning Transfer.” Only 15 percent of learning transfers to job performance. It is essential for organizations to expect more from their learning initiatives, yet it can be challenging to identify which actions will most likely ensure learning transfers, which are feasible for the training department to implement and which will gain the support and involvement of managers.

In this session, you’ll learn what research reveals about the 11 actions that have the greatest impact on learning transfer. You’ll discuss examples of how to create a learning system that leverages virtual learning environment technology platforms and other technologies to make it easier to engage busy employees, while reducing the time burden on training staff. We will discuss action steps to create efficient and effective learning transfer strategy for your organization.

As a result of the session you will:
  • Learn what 11 key activities have the greatest impact on learning transfer and business results.
  • Discuss how to leverage technology platforms to gain efficiency with your learning systems.
  • Identify how to gain organizational alignment and critical support from managers and stakeholders.


  • Eric Vidal

    Eric Vidal

    Director of Product Marketing, Virtual Environments, InterCall

  • Michael Leimbach

    Michael Leimbach

    Vice President of Global Research and Design, Wilson Learning

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