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The Art of Engaging the Customer: Taking Proactive Steps to Deliver a Differentiated Experience

The Art of Engaging the Customer: Taking Proactive Steps to Deliver a Differentiated Experience
The importance of delivering an optimal customer experience in today's global marketplace cannot be underestimated. It is increasingly difficult for companies with comparable products and services to distinguish themselves merely by creating and communicating unique value propositions. As most organizations scramble to differentiate themselves, those which are most successful will be ones that continually look for new ways to actively engage the customer – effectively 'flipping the switch' from a reactive stance to a proactive one, implementing forward-looking measures which will result in the ability to deliver a differentiated experience.
A key component of creating a unique experience involves a thorough understanding of how to effectively manage multiple channels of interaction -- simply jumping on the bandwagon as a multi-channel provider is not enough.
It is also important to consider the potentially damaging impact of the numerous customer service ranking systems which have emerged in recent years that underscore both the significance of meeting customer expectations and the consequences – particularly financial – of failing to do so.
Ultimately, it all begins with a brand promise and ends with the customer experience. We will share well-publicized case studies demonstrating how companies with a reputation for delivering world-class customer experiences have successfully aligned internal processes with their customer's expectations to truly fulfill their brand promise.
Highlights include:
  • Business Week's ranking of client-pleasing companies, and how they have recognized bottom line benefits by taking a stand on customer service principles and practices.
  • Ensuring the right messages are going through the right channels in a manner which is not only consistent, but which is also tailored to customers differing needs and expectations.
  • The impact of social media such as internet blogs and chat forums which allow anyone to instantly praise or criticize companies in a very public way.
  • How Business Week's Customer Service Elite use innovations in technology, employee training and customer-centered strategies to anticipate and exceed customer expectations.


  • Marla Chupack

    Moderator, American Marketing Association

  • Linda G. Shea

    SVP and Global Managing Director, Customer Strategies Opinion Research Corporation

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