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The Black Ink Project: Making Your Site Dynamic and Fresh

The Black Ink Project: Making Your Site Dynamic and Fresh
Week 2 - Module 2: Designing and BuildingLearn how to build a "smart site" that creates a personalized experience for each visitor. Discover how to use scripts, code snippets, and datafeeds to make a site that is never dull or faded.
The Black Ink Project is an affiliate success course designed to help new affiliates bridge the gap between Jeremy Palmer's e-book, High Performance Affiliate Marketing and making a profit. Some find that the book and forum support is all they need to succeed, but others need a little more hands-on training to connect all the dots.

The project focuses on four key areas:
  • Setting realistic goals, based on your time and budget. You'll discover how much time and money you need to invest to achieve your goals.
  • Researching prospective opportunities. You'll learn out how to avoid potential pitfalls and find the right niche and the best advertisers.
  • Learning the software, scripts, and tools to help you create your site. You'll not only leave the course with a complete tool belt, you'll learn how to use your tools alone and together to create beautiful high-converting sites.
  • Develop and launch a campaign from start to finish. At the end of the course, you'll have a complete action plan and checklist you can use for future sites.


  • Jeremy Palmer

    Jeremy Palmer

    President, Quit Your Day Job

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