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The Black Ink Project: Pay Per Click Mastery Part 2

The Black Ink Project: Pay Per Click Mastery Part 2
This session will build on what was learned in Part 1. The focus of this session will be on tracking and converting the customer once they land on your site. Jeremy Palmer will be showing you some of the top optimization techniques he uses to convert clicks to conversions.
The Black Ink Project is an affiliate success course designed to help new affiliates bridge the gap between Jeremy Palmer's e-book, High Performance Affiliate Marketing and making a profit. Some find that the book and forum support is all they need to succeed, but others need a little more hands-on training to connect all the dots.

The project focuses on four key areas:
  • Setting realistic goals, based on your time and budget. You'll discover how much time and money you need to invest to achieve your goals.
  • Researching prospective opportunities. You'll learn out how to avoid potential pitfalls and find the right niche and the best advertisers.
  • Learning the software, scripts, and tools to help you create your site. You'll not only leave the course with a complete tool belt, you'll learn how to use your tools alone and together to create beautiful high-converting sites.
  • Develop and launch a campaign from start to finish. At the end of the course, you'll have a complete action plan and checklist you can use for future sites.


  • Jeremy Palmer

    Jeremy Palmer

    President, Quit Your Day Job

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