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The Crowdsourced Performance Review

The Crowdsourced Performance Review
The traditional annual performance review is frozen in time. Employees dread it, and employers feel the same way. Its problems are structural and serious. Can it be saved?

There is hope! Crowdsourcing is a terrific way to revitalize the stale performance review and make it relevant to your talent management and culture. In this webinar, Jennifer Sartor and Darcy Jacobsen from Globoforce will discuss how to debunk the myths surrounding the traditional review, and build a smarter performance management system that:
  • Uses social recognition to inject new life into the troubled traditional performance review.
  • Offers managers new insight into performance, based on crowdsourced data.
  • Provides a vision for 2020 that realigns performance management with top-level business objectives.

Join us as we explore this fascinating topic.


  • Darcy Jacobsen

    Darcy Jacobsen

    Blogger, Content Marketing Manager, Globoforce

  • Jen Sartor

    Jen Sartor

    Senior Product Marketing Manager Globoforce

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Globo Force

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