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The Evolution of Talent Management

The Evolution of Talent Management
Ask any business leader, HR professional, consultant, analyst or software vendor and you'll get a different definition of talent management. And chances are it's a different definition than the one the same person espoused two years ago! So how do you make sense of it? And how do you determine what the right talent management mix is for your organization? Join Susan Tonkin, senior product marketing manager for talent management at Saba, to hear how talent management has evolved during the past two years and why these changes should affect your organization's approach to talent management. She'll also go through Saba's talent management checklist and share tips such as identifying integration points between talent processes that may not require systems integration at all. If your organization is struggling with a hodgepodge of talent strategies and systems, don't miss this session!


  • Susan Tonkin

    Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Saba

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