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The Leader’s Guide to the Executive Brain

The Leader’s Guide to the Executive Brain
In today’s competitive business environment, leaders need to be hyper-aware of their greatest asset—their brain! Leveraging the brilliance of others and creating an environment in which everyone thrives begins at the top.

In this webinar, master certified coach Madeleine Homan-Blanchard will share the latest findings from neuroscience research and its impact on leader behavior.  

You’ll learn:
  • The Six Surprising Truths about Your Brain—find out what your brain needs for optimal functioning, what stresses it, and how to manage situations when you are overwhelmed or exhausted.
  • Seven Laws of Extreme Brain Care—how you can arrange your workday to make better decisions and achieve new levels of self-control.
  • Creating the Brain-Friendly Environment—the six critical dimensions that must be managed to help you—and your people—fire on all cylinders.
Set yourself—and others—up for success through a better understanding of brain functioning. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn the key strategies that will help you unlock the behaviors that will take your leadership to the next level.


  • Madeleine Homan-Blanchard

    Madeleine Homan-Blanchard

    Cofounder Coaching Services, The Ken Blanchard Companies

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