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The Leadership-Profit Chain

The Leadership-Profit Chain
Defining the Importance of Leadership Capacity

Earlier research has shown that there is a Service-Profit Chain, a Value-Profit Chain, and an Employee-Customer-Profit Chain. New research by The Ken Blanchard Companies indicates that there is also a Leadership-Profit Chain. The data clearly shows that strategic leadership as well as organizational leadership capacity are critical to overall organizational success.

In this webinar, Scott Blanchard, Executive Vice President of The Ken Blanchard Companies will share the results of a year-long study, including a literature review of hundreds of studies from 1980 through 2005 that explores the connections between leadership effectiveness, employee passion, customer devotion, and organizational vitality.

You'll learn that creating an organization that is successful starts at the top with a clear organizational vision and by making sure that your people have what they need to succeed. The quality of the culture, the quality of management practices, and the alignment of these practices to key strategic initiatives all rests with leadership. Leaders who hold people accountable and ensure effective, productive behaviors in their people can be the most effective influencers and drivers of organizational results.

Great leaders know that the formula for success in today's competitive business environment starts by creating a motivating environment for employees, which results in better customer service, which leads to higher profits. If your organization is looking to take the next step toward greater success, don't miss this opportunity to learn a proven formula for success.


  • Scott Blanchard

    Scott Blanchard

    Principal and EVP, The Ken Blanchard Companies

  • David Witt

    David Witt

    Program Director, The Ken Blanchard Companies

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