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The Myths of Collaboration

The Myths of Collaboration
Getting collaboration right promises tremendous benefits: a unified face to customers, faster internal decision-making, reduced costs through shared resources and the development of more innovative products. But despite the billions of dollars spent on initiatives to improve collaboration, few companies are happy with the results.

Join us to uncover common myths about collaboration and learn how to encourage and develop real collaboration within your organization so that people drive business results across internal and geographic boundaries.

By the end of this session participants will be able to:
  • Identify if their organizations are falling prey to common myths of collaboration.
  • Implement strategies that will transform differences and disagreement from a liability to an asset, so that conflict becomes the crucible in which creative solutions are developed and wise trade-offs among competing objectives are made.


  • Carol Bonett

    Carol Bonett

    Senior Consultant, Corporate Education, Vantage Partners

  • Elizabeth Rayer

    Elizabeth Rayer

    Principal and Director of Corporate Education, Vantage Partners

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Vantage Partners

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