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The Proper Care and Feeding of E-Learners

The Proper Care and Feeding of E-Learners
Most companies have moved at least some of their traditional classroom content into an online environment. The reason is simple-eLearning delivers more training to more people for the fewest dollars.
But these benefits only occur when eLearning is done right.

In this webinar, Dan Glaser & Lindsay Dennison of The Ken Blanchard Companies will show you the strategies to ensure that your eLearning program saves time, money, resources, and delivers measurable, tangible results.

You'll learn how to avoid the most common mistakes people make when setting up an eLearning program and why a focus on the needs of the participants-instead of the technology-is the ultimate secret to online success.

They will show you how to set-up, conduct, and follow-up your online training in a way that generates results. By focusing on the needs of eLearners you'll discover how to:
  • Get people on-board by successfully marketing and positioning your training to attract the right audience. You'll learn how to develop a clear purpose and learning objectives, create easy-to-follow log in instructions, and prevent technical errors before they happen.
  • Get people going by focusing on the capabilities of the learner instead of the capabilities of the technology. You'll learn how to determine optimum class length and size depending on the content you are presenting.
  • Get people finished by ending 5 minutes early with an immediate call-to-action; and allowing time for planning before the next meeting.
Don't miss this opportunity to learn how to successfully prepare, focus, and encourage your eLearner's to make the most of your next online class. You are guaranteed to walk away with practical, proven, and time-tested techniques that you can put into action immediately.


  • Dan Glaser

    Lead Learning Manager, The Ken Blanchard Companies

  • Lindsay Dennison

    Learning Services Specialist, The Ken Blanchard Companies

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