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The Relevance Gap: Why Excellence Isn't Enough

The Relevance Gap: Why Excellence Isn't Enough
By zeroing in on what matters most to customers, you can make your organization more relevant. Put another way, we become excellent by focusing on customer pain points. But we become relevant by moving from customer frustrations to their aspirations.

Many organizations don't fully grasp the need to pursue both excellence and relevance simultaneously. To them, the foundation for success lies in excellence, whether delivered through engineering brilliance, price breakthroughs, or other advances. But these achievements are only the first steps toward greatness. Companies must also be relevant, offering products or services that help customers achieve their own goals.

Watch this free WebEx. Learn how you can apply the principles of "doing both" to your business by watching this free WebEx. Bestselling author and Cisco executive Inder Sidhu contrasts the failures of the U.S. military with the success of banking giant HSBC.

Read Inder's blog post, The Relevance Gap: Why Excellence Alone Won't Lead You to Greatness, at Huffington Post.


  • Inder Sidhu - Senior VP at Cisco

    Inder Sidhu - Senior VP at Cisco

    Author of "Doing Both"

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