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The Transforming World of Talent Management

The Transforming World of Talent Management
HR departments are at an inflexion point. According to research firm Knowledge Infusion, 79 percent of companies expect their budget for HR technology to increase or stay the same, while the responsibility to align with business strategies and deliver value is reaching a critical state. Major decisions are at hand that will drastically change HR, like moving HR applications to a SaaS model, ensuring the right global service delivery model and cleaning up and optimizing technology investments.

Join Jason Corsello, Knowledge Infusion’s senior vice president of products and technology, to discuss what HR leaders should be focused on as the role of HR is transforming. He will address important HR and technology trends, providing actionable statistics about talent management strategies, preferences toward integrated talent management and which strategies for talent management success are the most important. Key takeaways include:
  • Top talent management priorities.
  • The state of the “war for talent.”
  • The value of integrated talent management suites.
  • Which delivery model is best for your organization’s needs.
  • What HR data and analysis is critical in presenting a business plan to your executive team.


  • Jason Corsello

    Jason Corsello

    Vice President of Corporate Strategy & Development Knowledge Infusion

  • Scott Schmidt

    Scott Schmidt

    Director of Advisory Services, Knowledge Infusion's KI OnDemand Service

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